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Who We Are

Kairous Capital is set up by a team of investment professionals who collectively have more than 30 years of investment experience within the venture capital and private equity space across Greater China and the ASEAN region.

We invest with a cross-border strategy in mind and act as a financial investor as well as the cross-border partner for our investees. Our main investment thesis is to invest in Chinese tech companies and exporting their technology and expertise from China to Southeast Asia. Then, we also invest in Southeast Asian tech companies by referencing to proven business models and strategies of tech unicorns in China.

We are accredited by the Securities Commission of Malaysia as a private equity management corporation and have been granted "Type 9: Asset Management License" by Hong Kong Securities and Futures Commission to carry out venture capital and private equity investments.

What we can do

Our Investment thesis falls under the ideal that we are able to not only be your financial investor, but also an active partner in your journey as a startup

Regional Expansion


With a wide range of local partners in China and ASEAN, we utilize our networks to open new relationship for collaborations or partnerships. We also assist in sourcing for local talents and provide business intelligence for setting up regional hubs.

Active Strategic Assistance


We are constantly looking at angles or partnerships that would transfer market know-how and proven business models to our investees. Through our monthly meetings, we would discuss any ideas or problems and aim to actively assist each investee in their journey to grow the company.

Regional Exit Channel

We line up investees for subsequent rounds of fundraising and position investees for exit to regional tech giants (Alibaba, Tencent, Lenovo, Didi). We assist in connecting startups and advising on any acquisition proposal.




What stage and how much do we invest?
  • We invest at the Series A to B. We typically look at companies raising from USD$1M to USD$5M. However, we do invest at seed stage as well, if there is a strategic angle for our portfolio. 

  • We prefer to lead rounds and work with co-investors that adds value to the investee


Which regions do we invest in?
  • We invest regionally from China to Southeast Asia. We are always looking for startups that aim to expand regionally.


What industries do we invest in?
  • We are sector agnostic, however, we do have a preference for startups that are disrupting traditional industries such as fintech, insurtech, e-commerce, digital health and education tech companies.


What is a PE/VC hybrid firm?
  • Traditional VC firms provide minimum value creation post-investment, while we continue to provide values and aid our investee throughout their growth stage

  • Thus, we are a VC that applies PE portfolio management style


What should you prepare to pitch your company?
  • We would love to hear how you evolved from your founding team and elaborate on the industry. We would like to know the in and outs of your business model and how you would like to scale the company with funding

  • All the available metrics to evaluate your business would be helpful in further understanding your business position. And, we would like to hear your vision of your company in the next few years.


You are looking to expand regionally
  • We would be your cross-border partner in terms of crossing from China to Southeast Asia and also within countries in Southeast Asia

  • We are always looking to connect our investees with strategic partners in the region

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