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SkinRun Value Creation

Updated: Oct 1, 2019

SkinRun is China's leading Beauty AI hardware developer committing to help retailers embrace the era of Retail 2.0. Since inception, SkinRun has successfully developed and improved its AI hardware to its perfection. Our latest SkinRun V3 Model is able to analyze more than 10 skin parameters and gives users one of the most accurate skin analysis available in the market. We have also set up a Joint Data Laboratory with the Zhejiang University of Technology to provide in-depth analysis of skin conditions and product suggestions for skin improvement via machine learning algorithms and big data from over millions of sample sizes.

Post-investment Value Creation:

  • Assisted in searching for local partner in Southeast Asia

  • Recruited local team for regional expansion

  • Identified market expansion strategy

  • Built up local sales pipeline

  • Assisted in running Joint Venture operations

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